Policies, Guidelines

 Merger By laws, 2068 (Including First Amendment)   84.01 kB
 Payment and Settlement Bylaw, 2072   278.11 kB
 Provision related to FINGO Conversion29.39 kB
 Acquisition Bylaws, 2070139.21 kB
 Hire Purchase Company Approval Procedures, 2070211.27 kB
 Lender of Last Resort Policy, 206781 kB
 Licensing Policy for Foreign Banks Branch (English)140.95 kB
 Licensing Policy for Foreign Banks Branch158.77 kB
 2067-12-21 Licensing policy for Banks & Financial Institution (Revised)280.69 kB
 Foreign Currency Loan Policy (2059 Falgun 08)85.68 kB
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