Current Money and Financial Market Rates

Rates Type  
 Policy RatesRateEffective Date
     A. CRR
         Commercial Banks6.020 Jul, 2014
         Development Banks5.020 Jul, 2014
         Finance Companies4.020 Jul, 2014
     B. Bank Rate7.006 Aug, 2015
     C. Refinance Rates
         Special Refinance1.028 Jul, 2013
         General Refinance4.031 Jul, 2014
         Export Credit in Nepalese Currency1.028 Jul, 2017
         Export Credit in Foreign CurrencyLIBOR +0.2510 Jan, 2010
     D. Standing Liquidity Facility (SLF) Rate7.006 Aug, 2015
 Monthly Deposit and Lending Rates of Commercial BanksRateEffective Date
     A. Weighted Average Deposit Rate6.61 Mid-Jun 2018
         Saving Deposit4.42 Mid-Jun 2018
         Fixed Deposit10.31 Mid-Jun 2018
     B. Weighted Average Lending Rate12.42 Mid-Jun 2018
 RateEffective Month
     C. Base Rate (Commercial Banks)10.41May/Jun 2018
     D. Weighted Average Interbank Rate (Monthly)4.18May/Jun 2018

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