Spokesperson and Information Officer
Mr. Laxmi Prapanna Niroula
Office-Tel: +977-1-4441045, 4419805(Ext:122)
Mob: +977-9851210919
Res-Tel: +977-1-4110354
Email: lprapanna@nrb.org.np








Policies, Guidelines

Monetary Policy (in Nepali)
 2076-77 (Full Text)   478.79 kB
 2075-76 Third Quarter Review (Full Text)867.26 kB
 2075-76 Mid Term Review (Full Text)322.89 kB
 2075-76 First Quarter Review371.59 kB
 2075-76 (Full Text)691.88 kB
 2074-75 Third Quarter Review (Full Text)323.41 kB
 2074-75 Mid Term Review (Full Text)431.96 kB
 2074-75 First Quarter Review Of Monetary Policy482.14 kB
 2073-74 Mid Term Review (Full Text)1391.54 kB
 2073-74 Third Quarter Review Of Monetary Policy524.31 kB
 2074-75 (Full Text)1114.54 kB
 2074-75 (Summary)180.31 kB
 2073-74 (Full Text)1017.45 kB
 2073-74 (Summary)159.12 kB
 2073-74 Mid Term Review (Summary)102.32 kB
 2072-73 (Full Text)2393.46 kB
Monetary Policy (in English)
 2019-20 (Full Text)   869.13 kB
 2018-19 (Full Text)564.49 kB
 2017-18 (Full Text)674.82 kB
 2016-17 (Full Text)723.91 kB
 2014-15 (Full Text)1070.07 kB
 2015-16 (Full Text)544.22 kB
 2011-12 Report1509.82 kB
 2012-13 Report1121.67 kB
 2013-14 (Full Text)1048.77 kB
 2009-10 Report1241.58 kB
 2008-09 Report1499.24 kB
 2010-11 Report710.41 kB
 2011-12 Mid Term Review (Summary)179.56 kB
 2007-08 Report670.38 kB
 2008-09 Press Release31.69 kB
 2009-10 Press Release30.09 kB
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