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NRB, the central bank of Nepal, established in 1956 under the Nepal Rastra Bank Act 1955 is the monetary, regulatory and supervisory authority of banks and financial institutions. The new Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2002 which replaces the erstwhile Act has ensured operational autonomy and independence to the Bank. Key objectives of the Bank are to achieve price and balance of payments stability, manage liquidity and ensure financial stability, develop a sound payments system, and promote financial services. The Board of Directors, chaired by the Governor, is the apex body of policy making and the Governor also discharges his duty as the chief executive of the Bank. Information about the NRB including its policies, functions and activities can be accessed through the menu at the left.


Governor's Speeches
• Speech for the 50th SEACEN Governors' Conference, Port Moresby Papua New Guinea
• Development of Regional Capital Markets in Asia - Issues and Challenges
• Governor's Speech at RMA Bhutan
Media Releases
• Agreement on Payment and Settlement with People's Bank of China (PBOC)   
• MOU Between FIU Nepal and AMLMA China   
• Meeting with CBRC on Supervisory Relation   
• Meeting with BOC & CCB China   

• Current Macroeconomic Situation (Nepali) 2071-10 Text (Based on first five month data of 2071-72) 
• Current Macroeconomic Situation (Nepali) 2071-09 Text (Based on Four Months Data of 2071-72)
• Current Macroeconomic Situation (English) 2071-10 Text (Based on first five month data of 2071-72) 
• Current Macroeconomic Situation (English) 2071-10 Tables (Based on first five month data of 2071-72 
• Economic Activities Study Report, 2070-71 Text (Annual)
• Economic Activities Study Report, 2070-71 Tables (Annual)more....
• An Assessment of Export Barriers of Nepalese Products to India
• Monetary Policy (in Nepali) 2071-72 Full Text
• Monetary Policy (in Nepali) 2071-72 (Summary)
• Monetary Policy (in Nepali) 2070-71 Mid Term Review (Summary)
• Monetary Policy (in English) 2014-15 (Full Text)
• Monetary Policy (in English) 2013-14 (Full Text)
• Monetary Policy (in English) 2012-13 Report
• अरुण फाइनान्स लिमिटेड, धरान, सुनसरीलाई समस्याग्रस्त वित्तीय संस्था घोषणा गरिएको बारेको सूचना
• बैंकको सानोठिमी स्थित जग्गामा भौतिक पूर्वाधार विकास सम्बन्धि आशयपत्र
• रंगरोगन तथा सामान्य मर्मतको कार्यको शिलबन्दी बोलपत्र आह्वानको सूचना
Foreign Exchange Rates
01 February, 2015
Currency Buy Sell
USD 98.68 99.28
EUR 112.12 112.80
GBP 148.84 149.75
AUD 76.78 77.25
SGD 72.99 73.44
more ...

Current Money and Financial Market Rates

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